"If there are important developments, we already have the solution ready"

Mr. Kleff, sovity offers Mobility Data Space participants with Connector-as-a-Service (CaaS) enabling them to become part of the data sharing community. What questions do participants come to you with?

Kleff: Most organizations want to know whether the connector they install is compatible not only now but also in the longer term. Against the background of dynamic development in this field this is very understandable.

Our answer to this question is: Yes! Our service consists not only of implementing the connector, but also of continually updating it. How simple this is, is demonstrated in a short demo video.

Thanks to our services, MDS participants can concentrate on what is really important: the further development of their products and services.

Can you give an insight into the current developments?

Kleff: Many MDS participants want to know which connector is the current standard: the Data Space Connector or the Eclipse Data Space Connector. Here, too, we have a clear answer.

The Connector we are currently working with is based on the open-source implementation of the Data Space Connector (DSC) - often known as the IDS Connector. The DSC enables IDS-compliant data exchange. The Eclipse Data Space Connector (EDC), on the other hand, is still in the development phase and is expected to be available in a first version in mid-2022.

We are closely following both open-source development activities and will offer the EDC as part of the Connector-as-a-Service portfolio as soon as version 1 is available.

By providing these services we help our customers to significantly reduce complexity in their organizations. If there are important developments, we already have the solution ready.

What other components of the IDS ecosystem can participants access?

Kleff: The core is, of course, the catalogue, which is already implemented in the MDS. With the help of the broker, participants can easily search for suitable data offers. The Clearing House will be available soon. It supports transparent and reliable logging. This ensures transparency and traceability of transactions. This is relevant not least because of accountability matters. The App Store enabling participants to download all applications also will be available soon.

How do you ensure at sovity to be always up to date with the latest technical developments?

Kleff: First of all, due to our professional background, we are very closely connected with the Gaia-X community. This is why we always are up to date when it comes to the latest developments. From the very start, our technical products have been designed to be compliant with IDS- and Gaia-X specifications, the Connector of course being a key component here. In parallel, we accompany further developments and expand our portfolio to meet the various needs of our customers now and in the future.

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